Stella Decadente (steladecadente) wrote in letriangle,
Stella Decadente

Guess what i found

the paper is all crumbly and got wet a little bit but you can still read:

Amaba: friendly talkative old lady
Mungus: beach
Brad: cigarette
flamp: light
maker: cofee
Ladar: ads
Scumroach: tourist
bobaro: road/car
ma: mouth
gunard: bugger of any kind
briks: ashes
brikels: ashtray
hailing: smoking tobacco
highling: smoking pot
gurgle: swallow
arge: barf
gulp: eat
plunk: fuck
nutpi: brainless person
cuschi: someone cute
ramdass: a dream
mangor: ugly guy
luni: babyish
crasp: something hot
tlakes: guy
crispy: girl
zintrum: train/noise
zoutoic: thirsty
nudel: hungry
busby: hotel
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